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Integris Roofing is a full-service Houston roof coating company. We work on every type and size of commercial roof and industrial roof. From roof coatings, re-roof to installing some of Houston, TX’s most complex multiple-system roofs, we know how to keep our customers happy.


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Acrylic Roof Coating in Houston

Are you looking for Acrylic Roof Coating in Houston, Tx? Nowadays, there are many roof restoration coatings, silicone, and acrylic roof coatings, that are extremely common. But if you are planning a low-budget option to increase the lifespan of the current roof without having to utilize the cost to replace it, Acrylic Roof Coatings is considered the best option.

Choosing an Acrylic Roof Coatings option will surely help you prevent your roof safe from any problematic weather conditions and UV rays. It contributes naturally to your roof and the building’s overall stability and longevity if installed in the right way. If the Acrylic is not installed correctly, there will be many challenges that can eventually cause a lot of damage to the roof in the future.

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We are full of highly trained experts from Houston, Tx who can help achieve the level of stability you desire for your roof. Our team is exceptionally equipped with many experiences and knows all about several roof coatings and the best method to revitalize any roof. We provide you with several benefits, including waterproofing the roof substrate, helping to prevent anything like roof leaks, and cutting down on energy costs.

We aim to reach each of our client’s satisfaction by providing help in boosting the longevity and stability of your roof. Our roof coating service includes roof maintenance and roof repair. When roof coating is being used for building roof maintenance, it may qualify for a 100% tax deduction.

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