4 Essential Steps to Maintain a Slate Roof

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4 Essential Steps to Maintain a Slate Roof

A slate roof is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, it does require some maintenance in order to stay looking great. If you are thinking about going with this option for your home and want to learn how to maintain a slate roof, then keep reading! We have compiled 4 essential steps that will help ensure your roof stays in good shape for years to come.

1) Clean the Roof: The first step in maintaining a slate

The slate roof needs to be washed every year with a mild soap and ammonia solution, or else algae may grow on the slates and hold moisture in, which can lead to premature decay of the concrete beneath.

– Washing also removes dirt buildup from rain that collects when no gutters are present.

– Be careful not to disturb any mosses growing between tiles because they act as natural insulation for your roof’s surface! If you do brush them off accidentally, make sure you put new ones back into place quickly; otherwise, these gaps will let water seep through more easily than before.

– You should use a long broom or scrubber made of wire bristles (or old mop) to clean the roof so that you can reach both sides of each tile.

– Cleaning one side at a time ensures that any dirt removed from one half doesn’t end up on the other, which would make your job twice as dusty!

2) Apply Sealant: You should also apply sealant on the cracks and joints of the slates

Damaged slates can often be repaired with a new slate, but if they’re too damaged then you may need to take the roof off and replace it entirely. The sealant will make the roof more waterproof and help protect it from any damage. The first thing you should do is to apply a coat of primer onto your slates, then cover the joints with tar paper or felt strips, before applying an additional coat of sealant. If you need further help with this, give our Houston roofing company a call today!

3) Replace Missing or Damaged Slates: It’s important that you replace any missing or damaged slates as soon as possible

These can be easily replaced by nailing a new slate over the old one, or with a metal strip if it’s just part of the roof that needs repairing.

The most important maintenance procedure for your slates is to replace missing and damaged ones. A loose nail will cause more damage than you might think — not only does water get under the nails which cause rot, but also when snow falls during wintertime, it slides off onto adjacent areas instead of melting because there are gaps between some tiles due to loosening nails.

4) Remove Moss and Algae

This needs to be done using algae-specific cleaners and a stiff brush. This moss can grow on the roofing slates themselves, growing between them in crevices that are difficult to reach with any other means. The algae will need more effort than the moss but both must be removed thoroughly before resealing the slate joints properly or it will just happen again soon enough

  • It is necessary for those who do not have the experience to hire someone experienced at this type of job because there are sharp edges that could easily cause injury if you slip up while working on your own.
  • If an individual chooses to remove moss and algae from their own roof, they should wear long sleeves as well as gloves so that debris does not get into open wounds.

If you need help with your roofing maintenance, give our team of expert roofing contractors a call today! We can help you with all of your roofing needs.

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