Asbestos Tile Roofing: Understanding the Risks and Benefits

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asbestos tile roofing

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral widely used in construction materials until the 1980s due to its fire-resistant properties. Asbestos tile roofing is a popular product in the mid-20th century for its durability and affordability. However, over time, it was discovered that asbestos fibers could cause serious health problems, including lung cancer and mesothelioma. This blog will explore the risks and benefits of asbestos tile roofing and what you should do if you have it on your property.


Risks of Asbestos Tile Roofing

While asbestos tile roofing was once considered a safe and effective material, we now know it poses a serious health risk. Asbestos fibers can become airborne when the tiles are disturbed, such as during roof repairs or demolition. When inhaled, these fibers can cause serious health problems, including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis.

Asbestos-related diseases can take years or even decades to develop, and there is no cure for these conditions. Therefore, taking precautions when working with or around asbestos-containing materials is important to prevent exposure to these dangerous fibers.


Benefits of Asbestos Tile Roofing

Despite the risks associated with asbestos tile roofing, there are some benefits to using this material. Asbestos tile roofing is durable and long-lasting, with up to 50 years of lifespan. It is also fire-resistant, which can be important in areas prone to wildfires. Additionally, asbestos tile roofing is relatively lightweight, which can help to reduce the load on a building’s structure. Below are some of the benefits:



Asbestos tile roofing is one of the most durable roofing materials available. It can withstand extreme weather conditions, such as high winds and heavy rain, and is resistant to fire, rot, and insects. Asbestos tile roofing can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance, making it a cost-effective option for homeowners.


Energy Efficiency

Asbestos tile roofing has excellent insulation properties that can help reduce energy costs. It reflects heat from the sun, which helps keep your home cooler in the summer months. It means your air conditioning system will not have to work as hard, reducing energy consumption and lowering energy bills.


Easy to Maintain

Asbestos tile roofing requires minimal maintenance. It does not require painting and is resistant to algae, moss, and other growth forms. It is also easy to clean with a power washer, which can help keep your roof looking new for many years.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Asbestos tile roofing is available in various colors and styles, making it easy to find a design that complements your home’s architecture. The tiles can be cut into various shapes and sizes to create intricate patterns and designs, giving your home an attractive look.


How to Identify Asbestos Tile Roofing

If you suspect that your roofing material may contain asbestos, it is important to have it tested by a professional. Asbestos fibers are invisible to the naked eye, so it is impossible to determine if a material contains asbestos just by looking at it.

A professional asbestos testing company will take a sample of the roofing material and send it to a laboratory for analysis. If the sample contains asbestos fibers, it is important to manage the material properly to prevent exposure.


Managing Asbestos Tile Roofing

If you have asbestos tile roofing on your property, there are steps you can take to manage it safely. The first step is to avoid disturbing the material as much as possible. If you need to access the roof for maintenance or repairs, hiring a professional contractor trained and equipped to work with asbestos-containing materials is important.

If you plan to remove the asbestos tile roofing, following strict guidelines to prevent exposure to asbestos fibers is important. Asbestos removal should only be performed by a licensed professional with the proper training and equipment to handle the material safely. The area around the work site should be sealed off to prevent the spread of asbestos fibers, and workers should wear protective clothing and respirators to prevent the inhalation of the fibers.



Asbestos tile roofing was once popular due to its affordability, durability, and fire-resistant properties. However, we now know that it poses a serious health risk due to the presence of asbestos fibers. Suppose you have asbestos tile roofing on your property. In that case, it is important to have it tested by a professional and to manage the material safely to prevent exposure to these dangerous fibers. If you have any further questions regarding Asbestos tile roofing, please don’t hesitate to contact us—we’re here to help.

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