Choosing Between Tile Roofing And Shingles

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Choosing Between Tile Roofing And Shingles

Tile roofing and shingle are both popular options for homeowners. Which option is best? In this article, we will break down the key differences between tile roofs vs. shingles to help you make an informed choice based on your home style and budget. If you are in need of a consultation for your next roofing project feel free to contact Integris Roofing for a free quote.

Differences in Key Styles

Tile roofing is an attractive choice for homes in the Southwest and other warmer climates. This style of roofing does well with hot weather because it doesn’t absorb heat as shingle roofs do. Tiles are available in a variety of styles to give your home that the rustic Mediterranean feel while still maintaining its classic look through traditional options such as shingles.

Tiles have become very popular due to their ability to reflect sunlight off metal panels which increases energy efficiency by up to 20%. Tile roofs also hold up better against wind damage compared with asphalt or wood shakes making them ideal choices during hurricane season when power outages can be expected after any large storm.

Your Budget Matters

Tile roofs are generally more expensive than shingles, but they’re also longer lasting. If you’d like to invest in something that will save money, later on, tile is the better choice for you! Shingle maintenance may be less costly at first glance but it’s still an ongoing expense that can quickly add up if not taken care of properly over time.

Here are some examples of roof prices for each:

Asphalt Shingles: Asphalt shingles are much more affordable than tile both to buy and install. All roofing is sold by the square, which measures 100 square feet. The average cost of a small piece of asphalt shingle starts at $65-80 dollars per unit depending on the size/quantity purchased. On top of that initial purchase price, there’s another cost for installation between $50-$60 each installed as well as an additional one-time fee if tearing off your old material ($1,000) or felt & supplies (~$400).

Tile Roofing: The cost of a tile roof can be high, with materials ranging from $120 to $250 per square. It is the same for tearing off an old roof and reinforcing it which will both run you about another grand on top of that. Labor costs are between 465-665 dollars per square as well so your total could range anywhere from 11300$ – 25325$.

Planning For The Weather

With any roofing material, you want to be sure that it can stand up against the elements. If your area is typically hot and humid year-round such as Houston or if there are occasional freezes/thaws during certain seasons, then shingle roofs may not hold up as well under these conditions. Tile roofs tend to do better in the Houston climate since they are meant for warm climates but don’t usually have large temperature fluctuations throughout a normal day or season’s weather patterns which would affect how much freeze-and-thaw cycles happen over time so tile might not match expectations of homeowners who expect them both withstands extreme changes in weather perfectly.

Hire Houston Professionals For Your New Roof

Are you looking for the right tile or shingles? Are you unsure about which to choose and need help to make a decision? Contact Integris Roofing, your Houston roofers today and we can help. We offer free consultations so that our team members can answer any questions, address your concerns, and discuss what will work best in your home.

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