A Complete Guide on How to Install TPO roofing

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TPO is an acronym for Thermoplastic Polyolefin. This item is used as a substance in the roof system. The TPO roof system is made of a membrane of single-ply to which the further support is provided by another hard substrate which is carefully installed and is meant to be installed for the flat roofs.

How to install TPO roofing system?

There are plenty of steps involved to install a TPO roofing system. To know how to install TPO roofing, the following process is mentioned.

  • A professional team of roofers does this process. This team starts layering down the insulation sheets very precisely and appropriately. The gaps between the layers are ensured that they are not more than a quarter inch. The thickness of the layers is about one and a half inches or can be greater as well.
  • The next step to measure the roof’s parameters very precisely. Then with the use of specific and special tools, the TPO roof system is attached to the roof. The professional team is going to use the welding machine along with the fastening plate of heat to fix the TPO roof system.

The thickness of the TPO membrane is various in number. Mostly in the market, you will find 40 to 80 mils of membranes and are of various qualities as well. The quality is dependent upon the manufacturer you are buying it from.

These are used to form the seams, which are watertight to save the roofs from penetrations and seal the edges of the roofs. If the TPO roofing system is installed properly, they are going to help you form a barrier from water or snow. It is going to help you keep your home, office, or any building dry.

So, these were some of the professional ways when it comes to How to install TPO roofing. If you are looking for professional help with installation, you can get in touch with Integris roofing.

What is a TPO roofing system made of?

The material that the TPO roofing membrane consists of is a special material that helps you keep your home dry.


The TPO roof system is made of a single-ply membrane. This single-ply remember three layers that are combined to make one membrane of TPO. The TPO membranes are made of polypropylene which is the main substance of the TPO roofing system to ensure the strength and durability of the roofing membrane. Another chemical of PP is added for resistance.

EPDM, EPR, or thermoplastics

To increase the further effectiveness of the roofing system, the TPO roofing membrane consists of items like EPDM, EPR, or thermoplastics. The possibility of the presence of other substances like carbon, talc, or fiberglass is also there.

Lubricants and antioxidants

To increase and make the performance of the TPO membrane good, the membranes also consist of pigments, antioxidants, and lubricants. To absorb the ultraviolet rays, more substances are also added.

It is important to know the material used before going to get the answer to How to install TPO roofing. Integris Roofing can help you with quality TPO roofing installation services. You can trust us to give you quality results.

Layers of the TPO roof system

As said above, the TPO roof system is made up of three layers

  • The top layer
  • The middle layer
  • The base layer

The top layer

The top layer of the TPO roofing system consists of the UV absorbers

The middle layer

The middle layer consists of the polyester material for giving strength to the structure and increasing the resistance.

The base layer

The base layer of the membrane of TPO is for flexibility and adhesion.

What makes the TPO roof better than many?

The TPO roof system has benefits and such attributes that make it better than many of the roofing systems for buildings.

·Increase of the resistance of the puncture

One of the main reasons for the leakage is punctures. By the installation of the TPO roofing system, you will have fewer chances of punctures. It is also important that good quality and good contractors for installation must be chosen for the TPO roofing system so that the perfect installation is made certain.

·Cost savers

Another benefit of the TPO roof membrane is that they come in light colors, which helps in saving costs on energy. EPDM, which is dark-colored, can decrease your efficiency of energy and might be the reason for the severe absorption of heat from the sun.

·Lower cost of installation

The TPO roofing system is very flexible to install, and this lowers the cost of installation. TPO roofing system offers you an equal bridge between price and performance.

·Provides you resistance from the weather

The top layer of the TPO roofing system consists of the substances that absorb the Ultraviolet rays from the sun to keep it away from the adverse effects of the heat and UV rays. Another quality of the TPO roofing system is that these are long-lasting.

How to select a good contractor for your TPO roofing system?

Selecting a good contractor for the installation of the TPO roof system is highly important. They ensure that the roofing system is installed correctly and does not promote any puncture. Very professional contractors are required with amazing and experienced craftsmanship who adhere to the standards that are set by the manufacturer strictly.

In case you are thinking about what conditionals you should look into while you are selecting a contractor.

  • Check if the contractors are licensed, and insurance is provided.
  • Check if they have previous experience in installing different kinds of roof systems on flat roofs.
  • Do they have a good knowledge of how to install the TPO roofing?
  • Also, check that your contractor has been part of other projects which involve roofing installations? A good contractor is as essential as the quality of the roofing system.
  • An experienced roofing contractor can help you avoid leaks and major problems and provide roofing systems that last for decades.

TPO roofing systems are also recyclable as compared to the EPDM systems of roofing because they are made of products of petroleum and oil. The manufacturers of TPO roofing systems have made many efforts to give amazing services to the customers.

Therefore, to decrease the wastes in the environment, they have made the substance of the TPO roof system recyclable. We hope this guide on How to install TPO roofing, will help you get the answers.

If you are still confused about the right service provider for your roofing installation needs, you can contact Integris roofing anytime. We will be at your service.

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