Replacing Your Roof With Insurance: What You Need to Know

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When you think about your roof, what do you see? Do you know a source of protection from the elements for your home, or do you just figure that it is going to need to be replaced eventually? Roofs are not built with indefinite lifespans in mind. If there is damage done to the exterior walls and ceilings, water can seep through the holes and cause more problems than just wet floors. It’s essential to know how insurance works when it comes to replacing your roof with insurance so that if something does happen, such as hail damage or high winds during a storm, then there is money set aside for repairs.

What is Roof Insurance?

Roof insurance is a policy that will pay for the replacement of your roof in the event it needs to be replaced. It’s an add-on feature, so you must have home insurance before you can purchase this coverage. You’ll need a quote from your provider or an independent agent if you want to know what exactly they offer and how much it’ll cost.

A roof insurance policy will typically cover 100% of the replacement costs for your entire home, not just your roof (though most policies have a cap on how much they’ll pay). It’s important to know that if you want coverage for damage done by fire or vandalism, then this is an optional feature and maybe not worth the cost.

Does Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Roof Replacement?

Homeowners’ insurance may exclude roof damage, but it’s not impossible to get coverage. You’ll have the best luck with an independent agent who can give you a quote for your specific policy and provide advice on what options are available for covering leaks or storm-damaged shingles and even total roof replacement.

How Roof Coverage Works

In general, homeowners’ insurance coverage for a roof starts with the cost to fix the damage done by leaks or storm-damaged shingles and even total roof replacement. But if you want coverage for fire or vandalism too (which is an optional feature that comes at a higher premium), then it’s essential to know what your policy says about how much coverage you have for the roof. We will discuss further how the process works, so keep on reading to learn more about how roof coverages work!

Preventing Roof Problems

When dealing with a roof, you should always keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure it is correctly installed by an experienced professional.
  • Clean your gutters to allow water to flow freely off of the roof and away from your home’s foundation.
  • Don’t use carpeting or furniture on top of unprotected wood flooring.

These are just some ways that will help prevent any problems with your roof. If you need any help with roof maintenance, Integris Roofing is the best company to contact. Our experts will give the best pieces of advice to help your roofs last!

Getting Reimbursed for Roof Replacement

There are a few things that homeowners should be aware of when it comes to insurance and their responsibility. A homeowner’s policy typically covers damages caused by fallen objects or lightning strikes. Still, it may not cover damage from hail storms, windstorms, snow and ice accumulations, floods (unless specifically noted in the contract), termites, fire ants, and other insects. It is important to understand coverage limitations before deciding on which type of insurance plan will work best with your budget.

When dealing with a roof replacement scenario as an insured homeowner, this means contacting your agent first thing! They can help you understand whether or not your policy covers the total cost of replacement and if there are any additional charges.

What’s more, your agent can also walk through any other coverage options that may be available to supplement a homeowner’s insurance plan for those who want protection from near-misses with nature. They’re happy to answer all questions about different types of roofing material, so call them today!

Know the Process: How to Get Homeowners Insurance to Pay for a Roof Replacement

1. Know Your Roofing Insurance Coverage

Knowing your roofing insurance coverage is the essential first step to paying for a roof replacement.

If you have an insurance company that offers no coverage or if your policy doesn’t cover this type of damage, you will need to find another way to replace your roof. In most cases, insured homeowners can apply their deductible and other available discounts towards the cost of replacing their roof.

It’s also important not to forget about any opportunities for additional savings that might be offered by local manufacturers or suppliers in your area when trying to figure out what kind of material is best suited for the job at hand!

2. Document the Damage and Contact Your Insurance Company

Once you have assessed the damage to your roof and determined whether or not your insurance policy covers it, the next step is to document everything that needs to be repaired. It can be beneficial to take pictures of all damaged areas, so there isn’t any confusion when filing a claim with an insurance company.

If repairing the damages does happen to exceed your deductible amount, most homeowners will want to consult their homeowner’s policy for information on how much coverage they may need if additional funds are required during this process.

Contacting your insurance company as soon as possible after assessing the damage should save you both time and money in getting back up and running again!

3. Research Roofing Companies and Hire the Most Reputable

The next step to do is researching roofing companies and hire the most reputable ones. There are many roofers out there, so it’s important to take your time finding one that is right for you.

Offer some suggestions on what research information can be gathered before beginning this step in the process:

  • Ask friends or family members who have had their roofs replaced about which company they went with and why?
  • Search online reviews from other people who’ve gone through this process recently; how easy was it for them to find an insurance provider willing to cover replacement costs? What were the major challenges they faced during their search? Be sure not just rely on Yelp because that site has been shown to skew heavily towards negative reviews; use multiple sources like Google Maps Reviews, Angie’s List, and Facebook Reviews to get a better sense of the quality of service various providers offer.

4. Beware of Roof Insurance Scams and Storm Chasers

Regularly, if you are a homeowner who lives in an area with frequent natural disasters and destructive storms, then it is imperative to watch out for roof insurance scams. This scam may be especially prevalent after major weather events like hurricanes or wildfires because many people are looking for ways to make money off homeowners desperate enough during these difficult times to fall prey to shady contractors promising them a new roof but instead taking their money and running away.

Beware of storm chasers as well-they’re not always legitimate contractors offering assistance; sometimes, they’re just drifters hoping for some quick cash from unsuspecting homeowners by holding up tarps on incomplete roofs until more severe damage can inflict itself upon your house. Be sure to do your research and talk with a roofing company before you go ahead.

5. Take the Appropriate Next Steps in Your Roof Replacement Claim

If you’ve already filed a claim with your insurance carrier, make sure to follow up on any next steps that are mentioned. You may need to call and provide more information or take pictures of the damage for submission to complete the process. If it’s been a while since filing the claim, don’t forget about it! The longer an insurer waits before addressing a roof replacement request, the less likely they’ll be able to comply because of their backlogs in processing claims. Keep checking back until everything is taken care of and then get ready for hot summer weather by scheduling a shingle installation appointment as soon as possible so that you can have peace of mind knowing your house won’t leak when there’s extreme heat happening outside!

Contact Integris Roofing for Your Repair and Replacement Needs

Why choose Integris Roofing for your roof repair and replacement needs? With years of experience, we’re one the best in the business. We have a wide range of offerings, from installation services to repairs and replacements that fit any budget! To learn more about our company or talk with an expert about your specific home’s needs, contact us today at (713) 870-4448.

Integris Roofing is a certified GAF Master Elite Contractor. You can trust that it will be done right without worrying about cost overruns during construction because they know what materials are used on each step of the process before anything starts being installed. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that there won’t be surprises when you get the final bill.

We work quickly to install your new roof so you can get back into your home within a day or two and with no downtime in case of rain! We also provide emergency services if anything happens that requires service right away! Call Integris Roofing today!

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