Steel vs Aluminum Roofing: Which Is Right For You?

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Steel vs Aluminum Roofing_ Which Is Right For You

How are steel and aluminum roofs similar?

Aluminum roofs and steel roofs are similar in many ways. Aluminum and steel roofs will, with no doubt endure for a long period through various types of weather. In comparison with other roofing materials, aluminum and steel provide a long and durable experience. They both offer superior environmental longevity, superior resistance, and minimal lasting cost. Steel can generally combat hurricane wind uplift of 110-150 mph.

Aluminum and steel roofing material can withstand the heavy weathering from rain, snow, and even hailstorms. This is as compared to a shingle roof which may not last through those various types of weathers. This is due to the encase and underlayment beneath the roofing material. They can also be personalized on request by the client. Different colors may be more expensive and explicit coatings are more sturdy than others. These two roof types are the leading energy-efficient roofing materials. The two typically illuminates light and emits heat. Furthermore, aluminum and steel roofing materials are accessible with cool roof coatings that meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Energy Star Compliance.

Advantages of aluminum roof

The aluminum roof has several benefits. They have been well-liked by many contractors and the rate of metal roofing installations has increased numerously.


Aluminum roofing performs well for more than 50 years with superlative maintenance. Very many magnificent styles to select from that can match different architectural styles.

Wind resistance

Aluminum roofing is wind resistant as compared to non-metallic roofing types.

Fire resistant

Aluminum roofs are resistant to fires.

Energy efficiency

Keeping your home cool despite hot temperatures outside is guaranteed. Their flimsy formation and design give maximal life and structure.


They are durable and have a long lifespan. For example, asphalt roofing which is mostly used in many homesteads in the United States can stay up to 15-20 years on average before replacement. They save you money that would have been used on re-roofing, maintenance, and repairs. They are made up of various styles and designs for alternatives for any climate and architectural style such as tiles, shingles, slates, shakes, and standing seam vertical panels.

Environment friendly

Aluminum roofing can be recycled and it does not pollute the environment.

Advantages of steel roof



Steel roofs have a long lifespan. The innovation of galvalume and galvanized coats has improved steel’s ability to corrode. The engineered painting technique has permitted the producers to offer 40-year or 50-year warranties commonly known as “Lifetime Warranties”. Well maintained steel roofs are known to last for over 100 years.


Steel is a hard material by nature. It is well advocated for in hail-prone areas due to its impact-resistance. Besides, it is wind-resistance so recommended in hurricane zones and areas that are prone to forest fires since it is fire-resistant.

Energy efficiency

Steel is more energy-efficient as compared to other roofing materials like asphalt shingles. The energy efficiency is classified in terms of radiant heat block and a subcategory of solar reflectivity. Additionally, the colors of steel roofing are good reflectors of radiant heat from the solar.


Steel roofing is clean and has a perfect architectural look and sparkling colors. Due to this steel roofing are very popular with homeowners. They have a distinct look and are modern and classic.

Environmental friendliness

Steel roofing is made of nontoxic materials. The materials can be recycled and they do not pollute the environment. It is 100% reusable after a long and useful life.

How long will an aluminum roof last?

Aluminum roofing has an average lifespan of 50 years. It is known as the most lightweight metal roofing.  Aluminum roofing is a better choice for roofing in coastal regions than steel. This is because it corrosion resistant while steel is very prone to rust. For aluminum roofing to last even longer as a waterproof, application of elastomeric coats is recommended. It is energy-efficient due to its metal substance. It is efficient as it lowers your electricity bills and maintains the coolness of your home during warm months. The aluminum metal roof reflects light and heat from the solar. Its weight allows for faster installation hence saving time.

Which is better? Steel or aluminum roofing

Making a choice between steel and aluminum for your roofing depends on the location of your house. Therefore, keeping in mind that metal roofing is more durable and better stands high winds, wind-driven rain, extreme temperatures, fire, mildew, and termites, a properly installed metal roofing will last for years of your house. Besides, depending on your area, one substance may be better than the other. Additionally, you need to think about why you are choosing a metal roof and no other types of roof. For example, steel roofing is stronger structurally but will not stand up well in saltwater areas as aluminum panels.

When choosing between the two you need to look at the features of both. Steel roofing is well known for its sturdiness, safety and they are 100% recyclable and environment friendly. Steel roofing materials have a 40-to 50-year warranty and have a lifespan of more than a half-century.  Furthermore, its durability and gauge should be considered when choosing it. Their gauge ranges from 22 that is the thickest and 29 gauge. Consider its energy efficiency through solar reflectivity that translates to less heat infiltration at home. Also, consider if it can be painted or designed to one’s need and heat conduction that enables protection from ultraviolet rays.

On the other hand, aluminum is also durable, long lifespan, faster to install, energy-efficient, and protects against fire and pests. It is lighter and more versatile than steel. Aluminum resists oxidation and corrosion that makes it ideal for coastal regions. With special coatings, more protection is a guarantee. Aluminum is malleable. This means that it is flexible than steel and it can be molded into different designs. It is fire resistant and a good conductor of heat.

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