The Complete Guide to Commercial Roofing in Houston

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The Complete Guide to Commercial Roofing in Houston

The feeling of safety and security that we get from owning a home/commercial building is unmatchable and undeniable but its maintenance and upgrades are also very important. The roof is considered the primary line of defense so it has to be taken care of like many residential roofs are considered low slope and required commercial roofing. So when it’s time to replace the roof with a commercial roofing system or its maintenance you have to make a smart choice.

Houston is famous for changing and harsh weather conditions very frequently like extreme heat and vulnerability to hurricanes. Thus if you want to live a peaceful life in Houston it is better to upgrade your building according to its weather. Your roofing system must be energy efficient as Houston intense and direct sunlight can cause cooling costs especially in the case of large buildings. That is why it is recommended to have a good reflective roofing system to deflect sun rays efficiently.

Guide to the best Houston roofing materials 

Depending upon your personal preferences you have to narrow down the type of roof for your building. Not every covering matches every roofing system so it is important to consider either flat, partial-slope, or pitched roof installed as some are best for flat and some are for a pitched roof system. In the case of industrial settings, a heavy-duty coating is required to withstand harsh chemicals. Similarly, a roof that supports regular walking also needs strong and flexible material.

The other important point to consider is the weather in Houston i.e. your roofing must be able to stand up to significant heat, direct sunlight, hail damage, and strong storms. Some of the best commercial roofing solutions are briefly discussed here

  • Single-ply EPDM Membrane

Ethylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is a synthetic rubber membrane and is one of the popular options for commercial roofing because of its flexibility and durability. It has a waterproofing system as well. It is relatively quick and easy to install and repair and can last for about 20 to 30 years.

  • Modified Bitumen Roofing

It is an asphalt-based roofing system consisting of two layers

  • A base sheet
  • A cap sheet

It is designed preferably for low slope or flat roof structures. It is famous for withstanding exposure to extreme environmental elements like excellent hail resistance thus provides better long-term performance. It is often used in commercial settings because of its heat reflective properties, considerable strengths, and cold installation methods.

  • Built-up roofing

It is considered up-gradation of asphalt roofing system as it consists of alternating layers of

  • Reinforcing fabric
  • Bitumen
  • The top layer of stone or gravel

Thus also known as “tar and gravel roofing”. This layering provides unparalleled stability and impact resistance. It is preferably designed for low-slope roofing thus particularly effective for large commercial buildings. It can also be added above already existing materials for easier replacement.

  • Thermoplastic membrane

Their reinforcement layers provide stability and strength and provide maximum protection in case of heavy rain or hail or even in case of hurricane zones. The most common membranes are

  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

It is a lightweight, easily installed, and fairly low maintenance roofing system. It is famous for its chemical resistance.

  • Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO)

It is one of the most demanding commercial roofing systems in the market nowadays as it not only protects but enhances the beauty of your system. It is highly resistant to corrosive chemicals, heat, UV rays, intense winds, and tearing fires. Its reflective properties make it energy efficient.

Guide to best contractors for commercial roofing in Houston

Finding a good Houston roofing contractor is as important as finding a good roofing system for your building. While choosing a contractor make sure he is agreed on streamlining everything from installation to maintenance. That’s why it is considered the direct link between the contractor you choose and the duration of stability of your commercial roofing. Choosing the best assure the best performance and saves your money in the long run.

Here is the checklist that you should follow while looking for a contractor

  • Check credentials

Repairing or getting a new roof needs long-term implications so make sure the one you are giving the contract must be certified. That team must have licensed professionals as expert installation of high-quality roofing system can give you peace for a long time. The companies with the best professionals feel proud to show all the credentials as customer satisfaction is their priority.

  • Insurance

Make sure the company you are working with must be adequately insured i.e. it must cover damage as well as worker injuries. It is mandatory as it covers you in case of property damage during installation or if any worker got injured while working on your property. Always ask for insurance documentation as an installation guarantee ensures that your investment will protect you for a long time.

  • Check ratings and reviews

The reputation of the company is very important in choosing it for a long-term project. Check its reviews on Google, Facebook, and Home Advisor to have an idea about their quality of work and customer dealing. It is also recommended to have a look at the work portfolio of their past projects.

  • Local management

Try to choose the company or contractor that has local management and experience because local has more understanding of the changing and harsh environment of Houston and are used to working in that environment. It will also assure the availability of the company 24/7 in case of any issue.

  • Experience

Experienced professionals are always in demand as it gives a kind of surety of high-quality work. Their decades of experience make them better at adapting and dealing with unexpected issues all the time. Working with experienced professionals increase the chances of high performance

Investment in regular maintenance and roof repair in Houston

To withstand extreme environmental conditions in Houston it is better to invest in good roofing by regular roofing maintenance and up-gradation.

  • If you notice any leaks, immediately call your contractor to come and fix the leakage.
  • Preventive maintenance is mandatory as professionals can detect wear and tear as they know exactly what subtle problems to look for before they cause moisture damage or membrane failure. It can add years of great performance and stability depending upon the type of roof
  • An annual inspection will provide you a keen insight into the strength of your roof. Other than annual inspection, it is advised to go for inspection after some severe weather conditions like a bad storm.

If you would like further assistance with your commercial roofing project, feel free to contact our professional Houston roofing company today to receive a FREE consultation to find out the best roofing system for the needs of your building.

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