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Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It’s not just about protecting you from rain, hail or even snow; it also helps with insulation! Inspections are an essential way to check for any potential issues so they can be taken care before things get worse and expensive repairs needed later on down the line. Contact one of the best Meyerland roofing contractors today at (713) 870-4448 or get a FREE quote online.

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You should never take your roof for granted. A leaking or unstable one can end up costing you a lot in time and money if it’s not addressed quickly enough, which is why we have professional residential & commercial specialists on hand to help fix any problems before they become much worse than what was expected!

Our professionals are equipped with state-of the art equipment, giving them an edge when it comes to finding and addressing any roofing issue you may have. We won’t let even the smallest problem slip through our fingers; we’ll spot anything that others might miss! We offer roof replacement, shingle roofing, slate roofing, roofing maintenance, aluminum roofing, metal roofing and more!

Next Level Roof Repair in Meyerland

We understand how important your home is, which is why when you come to us for roofing services we guarantee long-term relief. Whether it’s missing shingle or sagging guttering – let’s put an end the worry today!

Our roof repair services start by identifying what caused the problem. For instance, there can be several reasons that are leading to cracked tiles including: wind damage or water seepage through cracks in our roofs so we replace those first before addressing other issues like drywall replacement if it’s necessary. Our company provides top-quality workmanship with fast results at competitive prices while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction by using only proven techniques used over many years on various projects.

What People Say About Integris Roofing

Rawad Nasr
Rawad Nasr
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Look no further for an affordable, trustworthy, and professional roofer. Cody is extremely knowledgeable and very detailed. He showed up within one hour after I called requesting an estimate for my roof leak. He checked it out and gave me multiple options. He recommended I replace the entire roof based on the age and multiple issues he viewed on the roof. I’m glad I listened to him because there were over 9 leaks later identified when the roof was replaced. He quoted me an extremely affordable rate that was the best out of 6 total quotes. He responded the quickest and had the most detailed quote. The entire roof was replaced one week after he came out for an estimate. Please give this company a shot, I cannot recommend Integris and Cody enough.
Albert Edmond
Albert Edmond
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I called a couple of roofing companies but Integris was the only one that responded and within a couple of days came out to do an inspection and estimate. I waited to get one or two more estimates just to compare, but no other companies replied back. I did check on the the past jobs that Integris had completed and was confident that they would do a great job for my home. They did some impeccable work. They take pride in their craft as well as job completion. My wife and I are more than satisfied with the job that Integris Roofing did on our home. I would recommend this company to anyone needing roofing work done on their home.
Brett Rodriguez
Brett Rodriguez
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Great company you can trust with your roof. Quality employees and good work ethic.

Complete Roof Installation & Replacement Services

It is important to invest in high-quality roofs for your home. A shoddy or poor quality roof will not last as long and can lead you down the drain financially if it’s too costly, which means that all those extra dollars spent on construction would be wasted!

We specialize in installing all types of roofs from scratch while building a new project – but before we do so there are some things worth considering: what kind do you want? We recommend spending most money possible on best available option because this guarantees decades’ use with minimum maintenance needs over time.

When you call us, our team of roofing experts don’t just install roofs but can also make a recommendation based on your budget. Once decided, we use the best materials to install your roof to ensure that it lasts the longest time. Contact our team at Integris Roofing today!

Complete Roofing solutions FOR YOUR MEYERLAND HOME

A professional roof installation, repair or replacement is the best way to ensure years of trouble-free service life. Meyerland’s top rated company will help you find out what needs fixing on your building so that it doesn’t get too costly in time and effort for little reward when all said done!. So, you’ll essentially be saving time and effort in the long-term. Whether it is a roof installation, repair, or replacement, it all starts with an inspection. Call our roof repair experts in Meyerland, TX today to find out more.

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