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New Roof Construction Contractors in Houston

We have been providing new roof construction in Houston for over a decade. Over the years, we’ve built new roofs for homes of all types and sizes. However, we’ve consistently been able to ensure that the roofs we construct are durable, using the best materials that money can buy and a team of highly experienced roofers. Many if not all the roofs we’ve built over a decade ago continue to stand the test of time even after the property has changed half a dozen hands, a testament to the quality we have always been dedicated to offering.

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Building a new roof for any home or commercial building requires careful planning. As Houston roofers, we need to start by meeting with the owner to decide on what they want. Often property owners have a particular look they want, so the roof needs to adhere to that requirement. Many also have a specific budget within which a new roof needs to be built, and so as professional, that puts us in a position to offer multiple options.

Once a roofing type has been decided, we can then go about designing and putting the resources together to build the roof. Generally, it takes only a few days from the time you hire us to when we start constructing the roof, including acquiring the required permits.

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We Use the Best Materials For New Roofs

When it comes to using roofing materials, we always choose the very best in our experience regardless of the budget. In our experience, even budget builds can benefit from using excellent quality materials because it helps extend the roof’s longevity. Plus, it ensures that the roof has a solid base, which means that future reroofing projects will be more cost-effective. The best materials also minimize potential damage to the roof, which can appear to be caused by incorrect construction.

The best materials are not necessarily the most expensive ones in our experience. However, we know which materials are the best in terms of offering our clients value for money. That said, you, as our client, are kept in the loop throughout the decision-making process.

We Use the Best Materials For New Roofs

Whether you need a new tile roof, a traditional shingles roof, or the most durable slate roofing, our team has the skill and experience to handle it all. Not only that, but we can design a roof that’s easy to maintain, cheap to repair, and with extended service life. So, you don’t have to worry about spending money on repairs anytime soon.

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When building a new roof, as a property owner, you should spare no expense when it comes to the quality of materials and skilled builders. We have some of the most skilled builders and technicians on our team who can handle all new roof construction types, which often makes us the company of choice for property owners who want the best value for money!

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