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PVC roofing was made to be durable and provides a water-tight solution for your commercial property or home. PVC roofing is a great option for building with large flat roofs such as warehouses, industrial buildings, manufacturers, offices, hospitals, retail, and more. Licensed commercial roofing contractors, such as Integris Roofing specializes in PVC roofing with over a decade of experience we can provide you with the right installation services that are right for your commercial property.

Integris Roofing, a trusted PCV roofing company in Houston, Tx provides free roof inspections in order to ensure the correct procedures and repairs that will need to be done to the roof. We make sure to help you find the best roofing solution for your property and needs. We understand how important your roof is to your business so we will make sure to inspect every inch of your roof to provide you with the correct materials and process your roof will need.





Why Choose a PVC Roof System?

Are you considering getting PVC roofing in Houston, Tx? We have a team of certified roofing experts that are qualified and trained in PVC roofing to provide you with the right decision for your commercial property. We always make sure to keep our clients first and informed every step of the way. We provide both residential and commercial roofing services across Houston, Tx. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to our Houston roofing company today for a free estimate on your PVC roofing system.

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Energy Savings

PVC is made up of white membranes which help to save you money by reflecting solar rays that would normally cause the building to waste more energy. PVC roofs can block up to 75-90% of heat transfer through the roof of your commercial building.

Fire & Wind Resistant

PVC roofs are durable and resistant to things such as fire, winds, and even chemicals. This will ensure that your workers can remain safe at all times. The materials are designed in a way that makes PVC less vulnerable to high winds than other roofing materials.

Long Lasting

PVC roofing systems have incredibly long life spans. They can last up to twenty years if maintained correctly which in return will save you money in the long term versus other roofing systems.

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