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Are you in need of roof coating in Houston? If you reside in the Houston region, then you have surely felt those extreme summer days where temperatures can rise to up to 90 degrees or even beyond. Because of this scorching heat, too many roofs get torn off and replaced before they should. Businesses often opt for metal roofs as their go-to roofing systems since they are low maintenance and a sturdy option for commercial buildings. Still, like all other roofs, metal roofs get exposed to harsh weather elements regularly. Hence the need for coating metal roofs.

Not only does coating your metal roof reduces the temperature of your roof during hot weather, but this process also coats current rust while preventing future oxidation and sealing cracks that may lead to leaks in the future.

Roof coatings will protect your existing roofing system from UV ray damage and weather damage. Besides, you will be able to increase any Houston home or commercial building’s energy efficiency with reflective roof coatings. whether your goal is to improve the energy efficiency of your home with a roof coating or you aim to avoid roof replacement for as long as possible with rubberized waterproof coating. 





Roof Coating Types for Houston Homes

You will want to install a coating on your roof in Houston to protect the shingles from UV ray damage and temperature changes. Unless you have a flat roof, you will probably want to preserve your roof’s design by applying a clear roof coating.

Generally, you will have two main options for coating your roof: clear roof coating and reflective roof coating. Clear roof coating preserves the beauty of your roofing system without distorting it in any way. It is a great option for metal roofs, slate roofs, cedar roofs, and asphalt shingles. Reflective roof coating, on the other hand, is white to help the surface area deflect sunlight and heat. In most cases, those who go for the reflective roof coating only do so on flat roofs as it changes how the pitched roof looks. The reflective roof coatings are also referred to as cool roof coatings or white roof coatings.

Commercial Roof Coating Types

Commercial roof coatings provide a wide range of benefits, from being environmentally sound to helping you save on your money. To understand this, however, you need to familiarize yourself with the major types of commercial roof coatings to help you make an informed decision when there is a need for one. Here, we will discuss two types: liquid-applied roof coatings and epoxy deck coating for flat roofs.

Liquid-applied roof coatings are designed to provide a flexible coating to confer protection to the seams, joints welds, fixings, and the rest of the roof from decay. They are available in several different formulas based on your goals and the type of roofing system you are going for. Generally, liquid-applied roof coatings offer an affordable way to waterproof your commercial roof for close to 25 years.

It is not rare to see commercial and multi-family flats roofs being used as patio areas or extended outdoor entertainment spaces in Houston. Consequently, these walk-on roofs require a more durable polyurethane-epoxy deck coating product.

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Should I Coat my Roof?

It will be costly for you to replace your business’ entire roof, and sometimes this action is uncalled for. Choosing to coat your roof will offer you several benefits, including saving you plenty of dollars, and in the long run, extending the life of your commercial roof for decades to come. Although coatings have tens or probably well over 100 brands, five types exist acrylic, solvents, urethane, silicone, and asphalt.

One main upside of using roof coatings is that while a building that has two layers of roofing installed requires to be completely torn off to install a new roof, you can apply a coating system on top of the roof layers and not consider it a third layer, by Texas building codes. This is because coatings are considered to be a maintenance project and do not need a permit.

For this reason, you can use a coating to repair areas of a roof or an entire roofing surface. You can also use it to adjust around penetrations and seams. The process of roof coating begins with removing debris from the roof. You can pressure wash those metal roofs with rust before applying the coat. Make sure to carry out repairs before applying a coat to your roof. Roof coatings can be sprayed on the cover or rolled.

Benefits of Roof Coatings

Environmental-friendly: Instead of overfilling landfills with old roofing products, you can restore your existing roof by reusing the current roofing materials. Additionally, the highly reflective finish of roof coatings will help reduce energy costs signifying your reduced impact on the environment.

Cost-effective: Roof coatings are more cost-friendly than other roof services since coatings go directly on your existing roof. This means that the entire installation takes less time and requires less labor. Because they also require fewer demolitions, roof coatings end up being a very budget-friendly option.

Sustainability: The biggest draw for installing a roof coating for your roof may be that roof coating ensures sustainability. This is such that the systems are renewable and can be re-coated every ten or more years to extend the life of your roof. You can renew the reflectivity of the coating as the application wears down with a new layer or maintenance services. With these options, you can achieve excellent waterproofing capabilities for years and years.

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