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The experts at Integris Roofing will recommend a comprehensive roof repair to address the most pressing issues. Roof Repairs handled by our Houston professional crews can extend the life of your roof and eliminate any minor problems that could turn into major ones.

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Expert Roof Repair in Houston, TX

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Roofing Repair & Installation in Houston

Roof replacements in Houston are some of the most expensive investments that a homeowner can undertake but is necessary if the roof can’t be reliably repaired. That’s why professional, timely roof repair in Houston is so essential. Preventive roof maintenance and repairs can extend the life of any roof by several years, consequently saving you thousands of dollars over time.

At Integris Roofing, our philosophy is to help homeowners ensure that their roofs receive the best, timely repairs and maintenance. Our professionals can ensure that your roof lasts for years, without the need for premature replacement.

Our Roof Repair Services in Houston

Choose a Houston Roofing Repair Contractor

It isn’t hard to find professional roof repair in Houston, but do you trust the company? Sure there are dozens of self-proclaimed, certified contractors who will repair your roof, but is their experience proven?

Our Roof Repair service in Houston is licensed, certified, and experienced. Furthermore, our professional insurance is always up to date, ensuring that everyone we work for continues to be protected. That’s why we are often the roofing contractor of choice for whom the integrity of their roof matters more than anything else.

We Repair Many Different Types of Roofs

We don’t offer a one size fits all service. In fact, over the years, we’ve made sure that there is a specific, specialized service for each type of roof. We provide the following types of roof repairs in Houston:

Tile Roof Repair

Damaged tiles are a threat to your home. The tiles are meant to keep water outside while providing insulation and preventing fires; that’s why missing tiles can put your home at risk. We provide an affordable and quick tile roof repair service that replaces broken tiles. When broken tiles are replaced in time, it prevents further damage to the roof and, consequently, the home.

Flat Roof Repair

Houston is fast becoming home to an increasing number of flat roofs, but low sloped roofs tend to pose a unique challenge. Whether it is a minor leak or a crack, our team can fix the issue ASAP. Our team has years of experience fixing flat roofs and will be more than happy to share a few important maintenance tips too.

Metal Roof Repair

Trying to identify a leak or any other problem with a metal roof is much more challenging. We have years of experience installing and fixing metal roofs, which tend to be a lot more durable compared to others. However, repairing a metal roof requires a special set of tools and experience specific to metal roofing. Fortunately, we have the tools, knowledge, and talent to prevent further damage to your metal roof.

One-Stop Roof Repair Service in Houston

Whether you have a traditional shingles roof or the latest flat roof, we have the experience and capabilities to handle all types of repairs. Furthermore, our roof repair service in Houston comes backed by a warranty so that you are assured of excellent quality work and customer service. Call Integris Roofing today, and we’ll be more than happy to help you!


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