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Slate roofing has been used for a few thousand years, during which not much has changed except for them now being more durable and well designed. However, beauty and durability have always been the reasons why homeowners would choose slate over any other material. The most remarkable feature of slate roofing is that slate comes in many different natural colors from across the world. The natural color may gradually change each year as it is exposed to the elements, but that’s what adds to its what’s considered “old-world charm.”

Over the years, we’ve installed slate roofing in Houston across hundreds of homes and counting. Interestingly, it is a very popular material that people can’t get enough of, but like all other roofing types, it needs to be installed correctly, and that’s where we come in! We offer professional slate roofing services for all kinds of homes and businesses. Our team of experienced roofers can also help by recommending the best type of slate roofing and carry out mandatory repairs on a slate roof.

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Slate is Ecofriendly and Fireproof

One of the reasons why homes have continued to use slate roofing for centuries is because it’s fireproof. Unlike other, often more expensive roofing materials like wood, slate can withstand pretty high temperatures making it impervious to airborne sparks from nearby properties that might be on fire.

Slate is eco-friendly, which means that there are no harmful chemicals involved with its production or recycling. It is estimated that around 5% of all waste that ends up in landfills comes from roofing projects. Many of these roofing projects involve asphalt shingles, which tend to have a lifespan of around 20 years or 30 years at best. However, slate has a very long service life, making it an excellent choice both in terms of it being ecologically practical and affordable.

When buildings are torn down, slate tiles are easier to recycle. For instance, making slate shingles from old slate sheets requires far less energy and next to no corrosive chemicals.

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What is Synthetic Slate or Simulated Slate?

Many people may have heard of synthetic slate but are not sure if it is as good as real slate roofing. Synthetic slate is a viable alternative to slate roofing in Houston, and many homeowners are turning to it. However, it is also perfect for a home that can’t handle the weight associated with natural slate. Synthetic slate weighs less and is less expensive compared to natural stone.

Synthetic slate is also eco-friendly because it is made using recycled materials and tends to be comparatively durable with a lifespan of up to 60 years. That’s what makes it the perfect alternative for a homeowner who wants the look and feel of a slate roof but without the upward cost.

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