In Houston, where the climate can be particularly tough on buildings due to heat, humidity, and occasional severe weather events like hurricanes and tropical storms, there are several common roof repair issues that homeowners frequently encounter.


Firstly, storm damage is a major concern. High winds can rip off shingles or tiles, while heavy rains can lead to water damage. Hail can also cause dents or even punctures in roofing materials. Following a storm, it’s common for homeowners to need repairs to fix these types of damage.


Secondly, leaks are prevalent in Houston’s roofs due to the frequent and sometimes torrential rain. Leaks can occur around flashing, vents, skylights, or any areas where the roof has been penetrated. Over time, the sealant around these areas can deteriorate, allowing water to seep through.



Additionally, the intense UV radiation from the sun can cause materials to degrade over time. Asphalt shingles, a common roofing material in Houston, can become brittle and crack, leading to the need for replacement.


Another issue is poor ventilation. In the hot Houston climate, inadequate ventilation can cause heat to build up in the attic, which can damage the roof from the inside out and increase energy costs.


Lastly, algae and moss growth can be problematic due to the humid climate. 


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